Tulum Beach Break

TDD_BEACHBREAK Following our amazing tour of the Tulum Mayan Ruins, our tour guide drove us 20-30 minutes along the beautiful coastline to a secluded beach resort. There we would have about an hour of time to delve into the amazing buffet they spread out for us and spend some time in the waves before starting our journey back to Cozumel (I was dreading that part).

The buffet was amazing (and much-needed after our busy day). It included the works for fahitas with every type of meat you could wish for, as well as a veggie option. Hungry as I was, I helped myself to a little bit of everything. Including an entire plate of pico de gallo that my hubby brought me with intentions to SHARE (oops, haha).

The couple from our travel group invited us to sit with them for lunch and we spent our time laughing hysterically! Straying from the normal rules of discussion topics for new friends, our conversation covered church, politics, the school systems, parenting, home decorating, and personal fashion. They were a hoot! I only wish we had exchanged email address so we could stay in touch afterwards.


TDD_AnniversaryCruise_62 After our bellies were happy, we skipped over to the beach for some much desired time in the waves. I quickly slathered some sunscreen on hub’s shoulders and back and we jumped on in! We realized quickly that these waves were MUCH bigger than what we experienced at Grand Cayman. After just a few steps into the ocean I had waves crashing up to my neck! Honestly though, it just made it that much more fun. Hubby turned around to laugh at my facial expressions every time a wave hit me, and as he did, an enormous wave hit the back of his head, tumbling him into the water and knocking his shades right off his face! Hahaha! We looked around for several minutes before just accepting the fact that his sunglasses were gone.

TDD_AnniversaryCruise_66 After soaking ourselves from head to toe, we decided we should probably attempt to dry off a little bit before climbing back in that crowded van for an hour. My husband once again started laughing as I shook my hair out of the wet bun it was in and purple drops sprayed all over myself, the white sand, and the beach towel. PURPLE RAIN! Oh the joys of having vibrant hair color! ­čÖé

TDD_AnniversaryCruise_65 TDD_AnniversaryCruise_64 TDD_AnniversaryCruise_67 In the van, many of us were groaning about the impending ferry ride back to the ship. I asked hubby to TRIPLE check his backpack to make sure we didn’t have some dremamine in there. Nope, but wait, was that those ginger pills my bestie sent with me just in case? YAY!!!! I passed them around the van (one more reason I was glad we weren’t on that tour bus) making sure everyone with unsettled tummies had something. And let me tell you – it was our saving grace! Even my hubby, who never gets motion sickness, took one.

Although the ferry ride back was no picnic, it was doable with that ginger in my system.  Thankfully everyone who I shared it with survived as well and we all made it back to the ship in once piece.

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