Tulip Fields


We have had an unusually gorgeous Spring here in Seattle. Of course, we still have our blistery days where I long for the warmth of the sunshine peeking through my windows again. But overall, I really can’t complain.




A couple weeks ago, we enjoyed our first Spring Break. You may have noticed due to my complete absence. But y’all know how it is. The kids are home from school and all routine goes out the window. It wasn’t a super exciting Spring Break, but it was a break…and that was exactly what was needed. However, I did try to do a couple fun things.



My mom had the wonderful idea to join us in Mount Vernon for the Skagit Valley Tulip festival. Now, you maybe didn’t know this about us…but we both (my husband and I) come from Dutch families. The Tulip festivals are kind of a big deal around these parts (well, at least in the Dutch community). Although it is by no means my top priority, come Spring, it is always fun to drive north and visit the beautiful Tulip Fields.



We were very fortunate to have a gorgeous, sunny day while we were there. It just made the entire experience that much more enjoyable. I wasn’t sure if the kids were going to be all that thrilled to walk around and look at flowers. But – surprise, surprise! They loved it!



TDD_ Tulip2015_06

I can’t imagine the year long work that goes into designing, preparing, planting, and maintaining the grounds to a place like this. It is truly remarkable! It just reminds me how much design and beauty God intentionally put into our lives. I love to look at the detail He put into each tulip, each flower…and how He loves each of us so much more!



Walking through the fields, the ground was firm and yet spongey. I’m aware that doesn’t make sense…but seriously, it was fascinating to us! Grandma told the kids how she used to call it “Lala mud” as a kid. Haha! I don’t know where she gets these crazy things!

I had kind of wished I had put the kids in rain boots though. Mama wasn’t thinking with the brand spankin’ new shoes!



As we were baking out there in the sun (I know, poor us…haha! I was completely loving it, I promise!) the kids were sweating through their clothing and peeling off layers. I was getting worried about the drive home, but thankfully Grandma had surprised both of them with some new summer clothes to change into! Hooray!




Too bad my hubby wasn’t there to jump in on the family photos! It was the perfect back drop – so colorful and beautiful! And since I haven’t found the time to do an updated photo shoot, it would have been something to tide me over. But, oh well! We are so glad we went and got out of the house and out of our routine even if it was just for the day! Thanks mom for the wonderful idea!




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