Top Three Tuesday: Summer Trends


Summer’s here! Summer’s here!

I can hardly contain my excitement guys. These are the months I LIVE for! These are the months that I actually love living in Washington! I just can’t get enough of this warm weather!


These are everywhere lately, in case you haven’t noticed. I have been keeping my eye for the perfect pair, but since my hubby has put me on a strict budget lately (I kinda let things slide for our trip since we didn’t fit into any of our summer clothes) I refuse to jump on the first ones I see. I kind of have to justify it as a “need”.



But anyways. A few weeks back I was shopping at The Rack with some girlfriends when one of them pointed out a pair of these and asked if they were gym shorts. I about died laughing and maybe even snorted out a “NO!” But after really taking a fresh look at them, I can kind of see what she means.



So what does it say about me that it makes me love them even more? I mean, gym shorts that you can wear with heels? Awesome, right? Ok maybe that doesn’t SOUND awesome, but the comfort level does, right? But what can I say, I haven’t even bought a pair yet! But this black and white print I spotted at Francesca’s yesterdays has me seriously considering.


Did I really say crop top? I’m 29, that should be way off my radar, right? Wrong. Crop tops have made a come back but this time in a MUCH more flattering way. Showing just a little bit of skin without baring your whole belly is what makes it work while still looking flattering. But you must read this post from Sage + Sparkle on the RULES of wearing a crop top. Like she says, if you are over 15 you have to be careful – and I COMPLETELY agree.




Still hesitant? Watch this video of Mindy Kaling (at least for the laugh…because she’s my wannabe bestie). She may be facing some flat out rude comments on her crop top but she nails it on the head when she describes that that is the skinniest part of a woman so why not show it off?




kimonos I have developed such a love for the Bohemian flair. From flowers in the hair, to maxi skirts, to flowy tops. Heck, I’m kinda even becoming a crunchy mom.




What is there NOT to love about a kimono? It’s basically a lightweight or sheer cardigan that you can put over EVERYTHING. I found the love of my life ( as seen HERE in New Orleans) from The Rack and I tell ya, I wear this thing everywhere. It is the perfect weight to throw over bare shoulders when the sun hides behind the clouds or when the breeze picks up.




Find one. You will love it. Pinky promise. 🙂

So what are you favorite trends hitting the shelves this season? I’d love to hear what tops your list!


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