Top Three Tuesday: Fall Fashion

It’s that time again! I am brimming with excitement and yet dreading it with my entire being. I know. I just completely contradicted myself. But now you know how I feel about Fall.

On the fashion spectrum it is probably my favorite season. The layers of texture just make my heart feel cozy. But thinking of the nine months of grey and rain ahead of me has me wanting to pull out my hair and scream! I seriously thank the Lord that Fall fashion is so awesome, otherwise I would be in true misery. If you think I’m kidding, then you don’t know how severely the weather affects me…

On to the happy stuff!


OversizedTops Now I’m not talking baggy and frumpy. Please don’t go pull your hubby’s tshirt out of his closet for your next trip to Target. That’s not the look we are going for. Drapey and romantic fabrics are more what I have in mind.

TDD_Oversized Tops one / two / three / four

Wow – what a great season to hide a pregnancy, right?!? Now don’t get any ideas. I’m not hinting. We are perfectly content with two at the moment. I’m still mourning my baby boy heading off to Kindergarten.

Vests I have been pinning vests in all shapes and sizes lately. You can find everything from denim, to sheers, to sweaters. There is a little something, no matter what your personal taste is! This is such a perfect way to transition into cooler weather! Just try layering a vest over a summery dress and add a killer pair of boots. POOF! Instant style!

TDD_Vests one / two / three / four / five / six


From wide brimmed hats to fringed kimonos to aztec prints…we are seeing Western influence in many fall fashions! And it is perfect for anyone wanting to take the jeans and tshirt to the next level.

TDD_Western Influence one / two / three / four

So what do you think of my top three? Do you see yourself incorporating any of these into your wardrobe this fall? Let me know in the comments below!


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