Top 14 of 2014

As I was choosing my One Little Word for my resolution, I was reflecting on the past year: the highs, the lows, and the in betweens. I can’t say it was an awesome year.

2014 came with a lot of challenges. But with those challenges came a lot of spiritual growth, as the Lord taught us reliance on Him. As we step into this new year, I know I can speak for both my husband and myself when I say that we have a lot of hope as we look forward to the changes we will be making in 2015.

But nonetheless, 2014 had it’s fair share of celebrations and joy….so I share with you now my:



1. Purple Hair


This is just a little thing, but it took a step of courage for me. I honestly thought this would be a fleeting hair color and I would quickly go back to something more “normal”. Been there, done that, moving on. But, no. I love having purple hair!!! WAY more than I ever could have imagined! Yes, I get stared at and asked “why?” a lot….but I don’t care. It just puts a smile on my face and for that reason – I’m sticking to it!

2.Birthday Surprise


If you know me – you know that I kind of love surprises! So when my husband tells me we are going out without the kids but not knowing any of the details? That is one of my favorite kind of surprises! To show up and see some of my best friends faces made it even better. Super awesome night and even better surprise babe. Thank you!

Now…that was 29. What are you going to do for the big 30?!?

3. Anniversary Cruise


Of course a Carribbean vacation is going to make it on my highlight list! Who doesn’t love laying on beautiful beaches, getting a tan, and getting away from life for a bit….all with the love of your life to celebrate 10 years?!? Worth every penny.

4. The Entire Summer


We had an amazing one this year. Record days with no rain (for Seattle), pool out, creativity flowing, smoothies blending, outside dinners…a bunch of my favorite things! I think this summer goes down as one of my favorites ever!


5. Dexter, The Fish


Yes, my kids promised to feed him and my husband promised to clean the bowl so that I wouldn’t have to get anywhere near this smelly, slimey creature. But even though that is far from reality…seeing the smile on my kiddos’ faces when they got to bring him home made it worth it.

However, we may just be the worst fish-owners ever. We may have forgotten to find a fish feeder over Christmas. For four days. And then again the following weekend. Whoopsy!!! Somehow he has survived and doesn’t completely hate us. What is that, Dexter? I don’t speak fish!

6. Swimming Lessons

TDD_TOP2014_07 I have a love/hate relationship with swimming lessons. Even though it made for some crazy summer mornings…it added some routine for an otherwise very carefree summer. And yes, I may have been the overly strict parent on the sidelines forcing the instructor to force my screaming child into the pool….but hey, we made strides! Kind of.

7. Family Nights


We had a lot of fun, free and/or very cheap events in our city this summer. We took advantage of as many of them as we could, including the circus, parades, movie nights, festivals, and more. What fun memories!!!


8. Riding Bike


After a very fearful period, Hollywood put on his brave face and got out on that bike. With no training wheels! Once he put his mind to it, he mastered it in less than 24 hours. We were so proud of his determination and I think it definitely gave him a boost in confidence to continue to try new things.

9. Kindergarten


I never thought school would be a highlight of my year. But between some much-needed routine in my life and a very happy little boy who is learning a TON – it has certainly become one. I’m so thankful, not only for his amazing teacher and the education he is getting…but for the community we have found at our school. We are so blessed to be part of such a special group.

10. Katy Perry Concert

TDD_TOP2014_12 This was unplanned, unexpected, and uhmazing! I not only got to get out of the house (I love you kids) but got an entire day with just my bestie. That rarely happens anymore, friends. Not to mention – Katy is so talented and that was a great show!

11. Halloween Bash


Our friends throw the best parties! I have never, EVER been to an adult-only Halloween party. This holiday has always been about the kids. I can’t tell you how fun it was to dress up and get crazy for a night! Will never forget that night of dancing with all the cool kids! Haha, okay so we’re not kids anymore.

12. House Makeover


Okay. So my yard is still a dump from doing this project in pieces but WOW – what a transformation! You are only getting the demolition version here, but I promise, come Spring you will get to see the full makeover! It is still a work in progress but its gonna look FABULOUS!

13. Snow Days


Snow in this part of the world has become a pretty rare thing so we count any glimpse of it a blessing. This year, we had an entire week (in November) of snow on the ground without causing any issues to the roads or sidewalks! So yes, I still walked my son to school every day. It was a crazy blessing. I wasn’t stuck anywhere, but my kids had something fun to do (outside) every day after school.

14. Christmas


Being my favorite holiday, Christmas always counts as a highlight of the year. But being that my son spent much of it sick, getting to celebrate at all felt like a HUGE blessing.

Is there anything I forgot? How about you – what are the highlights of your year?


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