Too Soon?


I know it seems like Autumn just fell on our doorsteps, but despite my husband’s grumbling…I’m ready to skip on over to Christmas decorations.

Too soon?

In all honesty, I’ve never been a huge fan of Fall decor. I’ll throw some neutral stuff here and there to get myself in the mood. But my essential oil diffuser is always blasting some version of cinnamon, clove or cardamom. But red and orange just are not my favorite colors so it usually skips by without much effort on my part.

This year, in fact, I really took the lazy girl’s approach and skipped out on the whole thing altogether. I didn’t even get pumpkins! Not even a wreath on the door. You can┬ájust say my kids were lucky they had Halloween costumes. It was that kind of a month. And now that Halloween is over…they are starting to ask questions. Good thing I’m an expert at distracting them.

Notice my son’s costume from 5 years ago. And Elsa’s bun didn’t even hold.

Whaaaaat…?!? How many days until grandma comes? How many Monday’s left until Christmas?

And then I pat myself on the back for a job well done.

But here we are…not even to Thanksgiving and I’m already dreaming about my Christmas tree and lots of twinkly lights. My husband’s very vocal disdain for early holiday decorations is the only thing truly holding me back. And the knowledge that it will be so much more fun to decorate with my mom.

So are you with me and ready to bust out all the holiday decor? Or is it far too soon? Weigh in in the comments below and then head on over to my Pinterest board to swoon at all the beautiful things!

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