Stitch Fix, Take 2!

Two Stitch Fix in one week?!? What is this world coming to?

In case you missed my LIVE video on Facebook earlier this week (if so…shame on you!), let me explain why I’m doing ANOTHER Stitch Fix post.

My last Fix wasn’t everything I had dreamed, and yet it was soooo close to being a keeper! A couple days after I had shipped it all back to the company, I got an email from Stitch Fix apologizing for not loving it. Which I thought was sweet enough as it was…but then they offered to waive my styling fee AGAIN if I was willing to give them another shot! Well, how could I say no to that?!? I took their next available date, updated my profile, added a Stitch Fix board to my Pinterest and hoped for the best.

You can watch my unboxing and first impressions on my Facebook video, but what I wasn’t able to do live was try everything on. So let me break it down to every last detail (including cost) and maybe you can help me decide what should stay and what should go…

1/ RD STYLE – Rhonda Faux Leather Jacket /
Price – $78

While I was excited to see another shot at a leather jacket, I had to admit that my initial reaction was that it didn’t hold a candle next to that blazer they sent in my last Fix.

For one, the color isn’t my favorite. It’s like a blue-ish, green-ish gray tone. I really would prefer straight black or a camel color. The second reason being that it didn’t have the drapey front like the last one. BUT – it did zip up and it was a weightier jacket, meaning it would keep me warm in the cooler weather.

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on that when it wasn’t zipped completely, it still looed rather drapey. But what do you think?

2/ LUSH – Dee Bell Sleeve Knit Top /
Price – $44

Bell sleeves are one of my favorite trends this season, so I was very happy to see it incorporated into this Fix! This navy blue is a beautiful color as well and it is a great weight for a knit! It’s thicker than a regular long-sleeved shirt, but not as heavy as a sweater. Perfect for those chilly California mornings.

However, I’m wondering if it looks too bulky on me with these nursing boobs and it is a teensy bit on the short side for this long-torsoed girl. How do you think it looks?

3/ COSMIC BLUE LOVE – Adrianne Distressed Boyfriend Jean /
Price – $88

Having the same stylist this time, I felt she really took my notes on the jeans and stepped up her game! I was extatic to see a distressed pair of jeans in my fix and crossed my fingers it would fit!

I was thankful that they are only the slightest bit snug…which is perfect since I’m focusing on my diet and exercise right now. And they aren’t too snug that they are uncomfortable…just enough to be motivating to keep up with the healthy habits!

I wasn’t sure I wanted boyfriend jeans over a pair of skinny jeans…but everything is so perfect I might be able to get on board. Thoughts?

4/ DJ & JUJU – Shiloh Embellished Detail Knit Top /
Price – $44

What a lovely top for the holidays! This knit piece is super lightweight, a little bit sheer, and the perfect touch of sparkle! Not to mention, I love the cold shoulder detail!

My only concern is that my baby might not love snuggling while I’m wearing this one. The sparkly detail is on the stiff side. But I think we can work around that…what do you think?!?

5/ SOPHIE RUE – Gellert Lattice Detail Knit Top /
Price – $46

Does this remind you of an Old Navy top I recently tried on and shared to Instagram? Me too! Which means…I love it! But I think it might be a smidge on the small side for my body. I feel like sweatshirts need to be on the bigger side and super cozy. This one felt a little short on the torso and the sleeves.

I don’t think I’ll be keeping this one since I’m really a big fan of the lilac-colored Old Navy one (plus it was half the price)! But I’m open to hearing your thoughts on it.

Thank you SO MUCH (in advance) for helping me decide what I should keep! Sometimes I can get blinded by the pure beauty of a piece and not pay attention to how it looks on me. So I appreciate your honest feedback.

And if you are wondering what this whole Stitch Fix thing is all about, you can read aaaaaaall the details in THIS POST. If you are wanting to give Stitch Fix a try for yourself, I would totally appreciate if you would sign up under MY LINK because it gives me a $25 credit towards my Fix! (Which totally helps this mom and wife of a grad school dad out!)

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