SF Bucket List

Ever since those good ‘ole days, when you stayed in on Friday nights so you wouldn’t miss an episode of Full House, I have longed to visit and experience the city of San Francisco. With recent Netflix release of the show’s sequel, Fuller House, (anyone else binge watching this weekend?) that longing has been reignited. So it only made sense to take the opportunity to visit while in California.

I don’t know what would be on your SF bucket list, but here’s my lengthy one…


See the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square
Find the Full House house
Drive down Lombard Street
Walk Lombard Street
Explore Land’s End
Say hi the Sea Lions at Pier 39
Check out Crissy Field
Cross the Golden Gate Bridge
Slide on the Seward Street Slides
Experience the Exploratorium
Go to Golden Gate Park
Ride the cable cars
See the 16th Ave Mosaic Steps
Listen to the Wave Organ
Walk the Rainbow Crosswalk
Go up Coit Tower
Indulge at Ghirardelli Square
Eat at a food truck
Sunset at Marshall’s Beach
Fish ‘n Chips at Fisherman’s Wharf
Ride the BART train into SF

Obviously I have have put a wee bit of thought into my list, but I am by no means an expert on the city and am open to any suggestions. Since moving to the Bay Area, we have been slowly but surely crossing these off on our free weekends. I look forward to sharing those in the coming weeks. And I’ll be sure to link them back here when I do for you convenience.

How about you – what would top your SF bucket list? And what posts are you hoping to see next?

[BOLD ITEMS = things I can cross off the list! Check back soon for links to the posts!]



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