PWAP // For Your Man

My husband always winds up being one of the most challenging people for me to shop for each year. Which seems very strange to me, considering he is the one I know the best. But I think it’s a combination of his insistence that he really doesn’t need anything (which, of course, is true) and my gift-giving spirit wanting to find the perfect something that will put a smile on his face. There’s no need to impress him. I just want him to see how well I know him by how I choose his gift. Which really, is my desire for everyone I give a gift to. It is just multiplied because of how much I love him!

This past year, around Father’s Day, I won a giveaway that my friend over at Goodbye Normal hosted. She sent me over a pair of Swap Socks (among other things) that I gave my husband. I honestly wasn’t sure how he would feel about having mismatched socks, considering he is a fairly orderly individual. But surprising us both – he absolutely loved that funky quality. But even more, he loved the breathable feel of the socks. They are now his most-used pairs. He just wears them over and over again.

That’s one of the things I love about making a Purchase with a Purpose – the fact that you can find something unexpected that is not only quality, but gives back. Yes, it’s a little more money up front. But my good experiences in the past have encouraged me to branch out more and more each year. And I hope today’s gift guide helps you branch out in confidence while finding that perfect something for the man in your life.
PWAP_ForMen copy

Sunglasses/Boots/Water Bottle/Socks/Bottle Opener/Tie/Chukkas

Did you find something here today that has inspired you? Hopefully, so. When I was doing my research this year, I was thrilled at the expanded options. Now friends, I know you have plenty of ideas up your sleeves as well. So add your ideas below!


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