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Our kids are spoiled rotten. They have a life here in America, that children around the world wouldn’t even know to dream of – it is beyond their wildest imagination. While I am keenly aware of that every day, the Christmas season seems to hold a constant reminder everywhere I look. We seem to be bombarded with advertisements for the latest must-have gadgets and toys right next to images of starving children in third world countries and pleas for donations to every cause known to man. It can be very overwhelming.

Thankfully there are many opportunities to bless someone in need, even in our gift giving to each other.




I don’t mean to be a grinch here. I love Christmas – I truly do. There just seems to be this constant struggle to find a balance with providing that “Christmas magic” for our children and the desire┬áto help those who really need it. But do you know what I think the problem is here? It’s that we are trying to create that magic in Christmas, when it is already there in the birth of Christ. The fact that Jesus, both wholly God and wholly man, did the impossible and came down to earth as a baby. When we lose perspective of that, the entire holiday gets thrown out of whack.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the world’s definition of Christmas, isn’t it? I’m so thankful that I have my husband to pull in the reigns when I lose sight of what really matters.

So how did I do on today’s gift guide? I hope I opened your eyes to some businesses that you maybe haven’t heard from before. Have something to add? I would love if you would share it in the comments below.


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