Pursue your Passion

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I’ve never been person who loves to work. And while I struggled with owning the “stay at home mom” title, after years of working to grow my business as a Hair Stylist, I say it with fervor today. Stay at home mom. It’s a title I wear proudly. Not in a pompous, rub-it-in-your face type of way. I wear the title proudly, but humbly. I am grateful every day for the determination and hard work ethic my husband has. Even through some rough financial seasons, he has worked extra hard to allow me the privilege to fulfill my dream of being a stay at home mom.

But as we grow, our dreams change. And while I still long to be home and present for every milestone, soaking in the moments that pass all too quickly, I also find myself longing for a little creative fulfillment. A little something for me. And while I’m still figuring out exactly what direction God is leading me in, I hear him calling me…calling us to dream big. Dream. (Yes, there’s that one little word again. It keeps popping up, doesn’t it?)


If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you may see glimpses of the many directions I’m considering popping up here and there. I call them Passion Projects. As a multi-passionate and creative individual, my heart strings get pulled in many directions. But with the help of my husband and a few trusted friends, they are helping me find a little focus so that I can choose one to pursue and share with the world. It’s only a matter of time now.

So what will this look like? Hopefully more blogging. More creativity. More sharing. But my biggest hope is that (for now) I can do it from home.

I’ve worked in a salon. I’ve worked behind a desk. I’ve worked in an office. And I’ve worked outdoors. Now I hope to pursue something I am passionate about from my own home. Something to fulfill that little longing in my heart, while helping fund our adventure-seeking souls, all while bringing glory to His name.

Are you ready world?


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  • I love how you’re making your passions and desire to be with your babies work together :3 I can’t imagine how hard it might be but what you have here is beautiful!