Once upon a time there lived a boy and a girl. They walked the same high school halls day in and day out, never making eye contact, or even speaking. Until one day a mutual friend introduced them. The rebellious country boy grew an immediate disdain for the perky blonde cheerleader, as she did for him…and yet from that moment on their paths kept crossing as if Someone wanted them to. Their disdain grew into common curtsey, which grew into a friendship, which grew into an attraction. Without them even realizing it, a spark had ignited. So the unlikely pair began a relationship that turned into a happily ever after, proving that opposites really do attract.

Yes, Hubs and I are high school sweethearts. Our story may sound like a fairytale, but believe me there were a lot of ups and downs and joy and heartache that made us who we are today. I wouldn’t trade a moment of it because it was especially in those hard times that God showed us who He was – a merciful, loving God. He took our shattered dreams and turned them into something more beautiful than we could have ever imagined – our precious little family.


Hollywood is our handsome, kind-spirited, home-grown nine-year-old who takes the big brother role very seriously. He is into cars, trains, and airplanes and finds joy in discovery and sharing of how things work and why. While he can often seem in his own world, don’t let his expression fool you. Underneath his serious exterior is a curious little brain, contagious laughter and an expert snuggler. This boy’s curiosity, I imagine, could land him a job as an Imagineer at Disney someday.


Cocoa Puff is our rambunctious and outrageous Ethiopian diva with hair that won’t quit! She embraces being six and relishes the fact that she’s not a “little kid” anymore (don’t break her little heart and tell her the truth). She has claimed her title as Princess in this house and, most recently, “big sister”! She enjoys dancing, singing, and endless cartwheels (yes, it can be exhausting just watching her). If she keeps up with her current energy level, I firmly believe this little girl could move mountains!


*** Coming Soon! ***


Our three precious children (aka The Minions) are the light of lives. Although parenting is way more daunting than anyone cared to warn us, it is also so rewarding and has taught us so much about the heart of our Father. We are so grateful for the blessing of our newly expanded family.