Nursery Dreams

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Now that we’ve hit the third trimester and things are getting realer than real, I’ve finally allowed myself the time to start dreaming about the future a bit. In the beginning of my pregnancy, I was just focused on making it day by day, but the excitement of a new baby is becoming more real to me with every kick and squirm and inch I’ve grown!

Besides the normal thoughts of…
Will it be a boy or girl?
Which one of us will the baby look more like?
Will this little one have dark or light hair?

I’ve also let myself get carried away and wondered…
Will this pregnancy nausea ever go away completely?
Will this pregnancy have the same complications as my last?
Can I really do a natural birth?

But sometimes those thoughts start to feel a little overwhelming, and I need to shift my focus to something a little more light hearted – like the NURSERY! So I thought it might be fun to share some of my ideas and inspiration and hopefully gleam some tips from you veterans!

Since this baby won’t have his or her own room and we live in a rather small apartment…I’m having to think outside of the box a bit and consolidate as much as possible. And since we are NOT finding out the sex of the baby, we are keeping things black and white and gender neutral (which works with my overall home decor anyway).



The baby will be sleeping in our room (for a while, anyway). Since our moderately sized bedroom already fits our mini office and my piano, I like the idea of hanging a bassinet. It will keep more items off the floor and create that airy feeling to (hopefully) help prevent the room from feeling cluttered. The hard part will be finding one in our price range. I am on the hunt to see if we can make this little idea work for us – please let me know if you spot something! Otherwise the mini crib our friend so graciously gifted us will do just fine.


One thing I fear I can’t live without while nursing a baby is a rocking chair. The challenge will be finding one sleek, chic and comfortable…but most importantly – fits in our room! I love this IKEA hack this family did. I hope a trip to the store will prove this soon-to-be rocking chair a good fit, but it does seem on the pricier side for chairs. What do you think? Are there any other cheaper alternatives (with maybe a little less work) for less? How necessary was a rocking chair for you?


This striking color combo serves a purpose (OTHER than just being gender neutral and fitting with my existing decor). Research shows that high contrast colors are very stimulating to a young, developing brain. That’s why deciding on a color scheme was a no brainer for me this go around. And I’m thankful for company’s like Modern Burlap, who has a vast range of products to choose from! Extra bonus – it works for a boy OR a girl so I can keep waiting to be surprised!


Since our closets are pretty well-packed (I maaaay need to work on that in the coming months), I think a rolling storage cart might work well for a make-shift wardrobe for this little one. At least for a while. Cocoa can’t wait to stock it full of tiny little shoes and clothes! Like seriously. She giggles every time I show her a baby outfit, it’s hilarious.

So weigh in friends! Help me brainstorm this tiny little nursery on a budget. I know so many of you have made babies work in small spaces and I would LOOOOOVE your advice, tips and tricks that made it just a little bit easier. So lay it on me in the comments below.

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