Hello, I’m Mimi!

I’m a multi-passionate person and recovering perfectionist who uses creativity like a drug. With a passion for creating beautiful things, I enjoy dabbling in painting, photography, and design. From my love of fashion to my experience with hair, I love to share the current trends and empower you to feel beautiful and embrace what makes you unique. I have an adventure-seeking soul but don’t wander far from a good cup of coffee (or my stash of essential oils).  I would love for you to join me on this journey as I discover my true identity in Christ and follow my passions, wherever they may lead me.

Why This Domesticated Diva???

Once upon a time, I worked in a fashion-driven industry as a hair designer with a passion to make every woman feel beautiful and the desire to give them the tools to be able to recreate that feeling in their own home. After the birth of my son, I put the high heels in my closet and my career on hold to be a stay-at-home-mama. Although I have never once regretted that decision, I did have a period where I struggled with my identity as “just” a mama. As the diva in me became more and more domesticated I slowly found a balance between my passions and mommy-hood. More importantly, I found my identity as the daughter of the King. Now I aim to uplift and inspire other moms out there in their day to day lives to be the best version of themselves.

So I hope you grab a cup of coffee (or wine) and stick around for a while. I would love to get to know you more. And who knows? We just may become wonderful friends!


  • Hi Mimi! Tonight, I stumbled upon your Pinterest board and found your website. We have lots in common! This past Fall, I started a new ethical fashion company with a friend of mine. It is called 107 Market Street based on Psalm 107 – how the Lord delivers and offers hope to all in all circumstances. I simply wanted to connect and introduce myself. I am also an adoptive mom of a 6 yo daughter from Ghana. My career background is a speech-pathology by trade, and I have helped to build and manage a company for 14 years….I recently resigned to build 107 Market Street full-time! So, we are in the process of connecting with like-minded people around the country and globe. I have enjoyed reading your blog! It’s very nice to ‘meet’ you! Best – Amy
    PS – my personal adoption blog is http://www.ghanagetsugar.blogspot.com but I abandoned it in 2011 – I used it just to keep friends and family updated on our adoption! She came home to the US in 2010.

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