Let’s Have a Coffee Date!

Brrr! It’s coooold over here. I don’t know about your parts of the world but we are feeling the full effects of fall here in Seattle! It might just be because we JUST came from SoCal…but I just can’t seem to warm up no matter HOW many cups of coffee I drink!

I guess it’s that mindset that made me decide it was time for another coffee date around here. Life can get a little crazy and I have been so excited to share with you some new things around here that I haven’t caught you up at all about life in the Diva’s home…

My hubby has kind of become a work-a-holic lately… Not on purpose – it’s just the phase of life we are in right now. Sometimes I feel like I am becoming a single mom. But I can’t help but reflect on how thankful I am for a man who works so hard to provide for his family without complaint. He’s amazing.

My son has been struggling with his asthma again. Not to the extent that he was back in April…or maybe its just that we’ve become so familiar with the warning signs that we are able to intervene quickly and efficiently. I am so thankful for knowledgeable doctors, great insurance, and life-saving medication – SO grateful.

The diva. No, not me…the mini me! Little miss Cocoa got a bedroom makeover this summer! We finally made the transition to a big girl bed and she has been SO excited to show every guest to our home her little sanctuary. It’s loud and colorful – just like she is! Note to self: post some pics soon.

And me. This is the hardest time of year for me when the sun goes away for the next – ooooh nine months or so…and I have to get creative with indoor activities. I’m going to miss not being able to send my kids outside for 4 hours in the sunshine and sprinklers and sandbox. Something about the screaming and running circles around me in a confined little space that kind of makes me lose my sanity. I’m certainly not trying to complain – I’m just being honest here =) To try to combat my seasonal blues I’m looking for a project to keep us all entertained. (I’m all ears if you have any ideas.)

So that’s the jist of what’s going on around here lately. How about you…if we sat down over coffee…what would you share with me about your life? Stress at work? Plans for a family vacation? Big life changes on the horizon? I’d love to hear about it.

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