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We all know my personal obsession with black and white (after all, it’s been popping up all over TDD lately). As it turns out, it’s been rubbing off on my 5-year-old as well. She has lately told me that black is now one of her favorite colors, and show’s up wearing this classic color combination almost as much as I do! Maybe she just wants to match mom.

While I don’t deny that my taste has had some influence on hers…if you have met my daughter, you know she is opinionated. She has been known to ask, “is that what you’re wearing?” with that disapproving look in her eye (even to me). She also will pick out her outfit and then come in my room to make sure that ours “go together”. If not, often one of us needs to change.

PC // Kaitlyn Rose Photography

Hey! It’s not that she’s bossy. She just knows what she likes. And mama kind likes matching her girl so its not a problem with me.

Hollywood is a whole different story. His taste changes based on what his friends are wearing…which usually includes some level of comfort. His current favorite outfit is his green “soccer outfit” that I’m still a little mad my husband bought for him. (Because now I have to look at it all the time.) Thankfully he still depends on me to “match” his outfits, so I still have a little say over them. I can see the day is coming though…it is coming.

This dress is perfect for Cocoa for a number of reasons. First, it is great quality. It doesn’t pill after multiple washes and stains come out easily in the wash. (Talk about winning the lottery, right?) Second, it is lightweight and flowy so she finds it incredibly comfortable, even on hot days. Third, the classic colors and pattern make it easy for layering with a bunch of pieces. It also makes a perfect back drop to about any pop of color she is in the mood for that day. It is probably my all-time favorite piece of clothing in her little wardrobe right now. And it helps that she loves it as much as I do.

PC // Kaitlyn Rose Photography

As far as my little man…boy, doesn’t that blue shirt just bring out the sparkle in his eyes?!? I could just swoon looking at him. This boy is not super comfortable in front of the camera and certainly does not like being in the spotlight (except on rare occasions). It’s funny how much of your personality is expressed through your personal style, because similarly, he usually likes keeping his outfits simple and casual and let others be the star of the show (ahem, his sister). “Dressy” shirts are just torture for him, but the beachy, lightweight texture of this one keeps us both happy for Sunday mornings and special occasions.

PC // Kaitlyn Rose Photography


/ DRESS / Prim Pop
/ VEST / Old Navy
/ NECKLACE / World Market (Mommy’s)
/ HAIR CLIP / Made by me!


/ SHIRT / Old Navy
/ JEANS / Old Navy

How would you define your kid’s style and what one thing do they love to wear that you detest? Tell me in the comments below and let’s get a good laugh out of it!

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