How To Dress After 30

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I recently shared this link in a fit of anger on my personal Facebook page. Why anger?

Turning 30 is a sensitive subject. I should know. It recently happened to me. And, let’s face it, most of my friends.

It kind of feels like you are closing the door on an era and saying goodbye to everything of your youth. Hello middle age! Ugh. How gross does that sound? All of a sudden you have to pull yourself together, because…there are no more excuses for immaturity at 30, sister!

As if!

(Excuse my Clueless throwback. If you don’t know what that means, you, my friend, are too young to be reading this post anyway.)

I don’t know about you, but I finally feel like I know myself at 30. I finally feel fearless. I finally don’t care what other people think. And I’m not about to stifle the very thing that makes me…ME just because of a number.

The previously mentioned abomination article mentions 24 things NOT to wear after the age of 30. Among them includes things like sparkly pants, blue or glittered eyeshadow, leopard print, and anything furry. Because…you know. 30 means the end of fun as we know it. We should be pulling out the crazy cat lady sweaters from now on, right?

Now, I also feel obligated to mention that there are a few winners on there. Like American Eagle, Abercrombie, and for heaven’s sake – (so thankful someone finally said it) Victoria’s Secret PINK! Yes, please. I know you are mourning your youth and all…but we don’t have to try to fit in with college students. I mean, been there…done that…do we really want to relive it? Believe me when I say that they don’t want to watch you try.

And then there’s that in-between category… The “most 30 year olds wouldn’t be caught dead in this anyway” category. That’s for the things like booty shorts, bedazzled crap, crop tops, mini skirts, platform flip-flops, and scrunchies. Not that there is anything wrong with them! I mean…if you can rock ’em…more power to ya! I’d wear a crop top too if I had a flat tummy! But as for the shorts and skirts, I’m just usually too busy chasing my kids to worry about my booty falling out of my clothes and such. Also…I’m leaving the scrunchies and bedazzling to my preschooler.

But then there’s that category that just leaves me confused. The one that includes old sneakers and cheap bras (because 30 year old are all settled down and successful and pulling in the dough and no longer have budgets). Oh yeah, and hoop earrings? I probably shouldn’t show the author my Pinterest Wish List with those Octagon Hoops I’ve been drooling over.


Please erase that entire post from your mind (the linked post, not mine…just to be clear). I’ll give you an easy guideline on how to know what is appropriate to wear after the age of 30.


Then, my friend, wear it with confidence! You don’t have to confirm to anyone’s idea of what a 30 year old should look like. You don’t have to fit in any box. You just need to be the amazing human that God created you to be and let that light SHINE for all to see! Be YOU baby!

What was the most ridiculous “don’t” you saw on that post? I would love to hear your thoughts!



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  • Yay hello Mimi~! I liked so much this blog post; I’m near the 30s so I loved to read that we just need to keep our own personality and style. As you mentioned, it’s also happening to me that I’m beginning to know myself, I’m starting to do the things that I like and everything’s starting to go well ♥! Greetings 😉

    • Yay! Thanks for sharing Cori! I’m throwing out all the “rules” and just being myself. Glad to hear others are joining me 🙂