For the Fashionista…

PurchasewPurpose Fashionistas can be a challenge to shop for…or so I hear. People tell me they hesitate to buy me jewelry or clothes for fear I won’t like them. I promise them (and you) that it’s pretty much the opposite. You almost can’t go wrong with jewelry or clothes! But in case the thought of buying for the fashionista in your life causes you to sweat – fear no more, my friends! I have found some ideas that are certain to put a smile on their face as well as help you fulfill that goal of Purchasing with a Purpose.

No matter how picky you perceive your fashionista to be when it comes to clothing…I can tell you. You can’t have too many slouchy tees. I love this Pocket Scallop Tee (in basically neutral tones) from Krochet Kids. It would be perfect to throw on with leggings, slim fitted sweats, or some distressed boyfriend jeans. While it is perfect to wear lounging around the house, you can instantly snazz it up with these Herringbone Wedges from TOMS and this leather zip clutch (that I’m IN LOVE with) from Parker Clay! Instant style, right?

TDD_Fashionista_01 Oh! And don’t forget those Goodney Revolver shades from Warby Parker! They are certain to pull the chic look together. Along with another must-have for the winter season – a stunning, yet functional scarf. Fashionable’s ABLE scarf is just that! I love the classic black and white while the print is something unexpected.

When it comes to accessories, you could go so many directions. I personally love the pairing of Noonday Collection’s Bling Collar necklace with the Prism Drop Earrings for…well, just about anything! Perfect to bring a statement to a basic tee or glam up a basic black dress. I first fell in love with them back when my friend Tarah introduced me to the Noonday Collection and they still are on my “must-have” list! But if your fashionista tends to wear a lot of the classic black, you might do her some favors with this Bandero + Bracelet set,from 31 Bits, which has plenty of color to liven up any basic ensemble!

TDD_Fashionista_02 I might have just drooled on my computer!

Well, we are nearing the end of my Purchase with a Purpose series. What have been your favorites so far? And what are you waiting yet to see? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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