For the Coffee Snob…

PurchasewPurpose This may or may not be my husband’s exact description of me. But what can I say? When it’s your FAVORITE beverage…it just has to be done right.

The coffee snob is hard to miss. She almost always has her mug in hand and her lipstick smudged off (just me? Whoops.) She always has the best coffee beans in her house and can’t survive without her favorite creamer in the house.

Anyone this picky with coffee deserves truly the best as a Christmas treat. So why not swing by Just Love Coffee Roasters to pick them up some Ethiopian Harrar? While your at it, I hear great things about this Chemex coffee maker! And of course, you can’t forget a mug to enjoy it in. I’m just slightly obsessed with this “Change The World For One” mug from Ordinary Hero – the perfect conversation starter!

TDD_CoffeeSnob_01 But you by no means have to stick to just coffee! Visit any Seattle coffee shop and you will see a couple trends among coffee lovers…

For starters, this “Wherever You Go” flowy top from Sevenly would pair perfectly with this cozy zip wrap from Noonday Collection. I feel like a cozy scarf is a must have when drinking coffee. But that might just be my personal obsession with scarves talking!

TDD_CoffeeSnob_02 Whether you are going out to meet a friend or enjoying your coffee from the comfort of your own couch, these lounge pants from Krochet Kids Intl. would be both fabulous and comfortable! But if you are heading out, you wouldn’t want to forget your wallet, like this chic one made from sustainable leather by Sseko. And since we are going for comfort, this Brooklyn Backpack from Krochet Kids would be perfect to carry your laptop in. Or a pile of kids toys, if you are trying to entertain your kids so you can enjoy some adult conversation like I am 🙂

TDD_CoffeeSnob_03 Can you picture yourselves with any of these? Maybe coffee isn’t your thing. No worries – plenty more gift guides are coming up! So whether you are crossing off that shopping list or trying to make a wish list of your own, I’ve got you covered!

I’ll see you tomorrow for some ideas for the Baker in your life…but in the meantime feel free to browse the other gift guides I have put together for you HERE.


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