For the Adventurer…

PurchasewPurpose Everyone has someone in their life who just can’t seem to stay put in one place. They are always moving and seeking a new adventure, whether that be a relocation or simply taking on a new sport. They thrive off excitement and change. Why not fuel their excitement to explore with gifts they can use on the way.

If your adventurer is the out-doorsy type, why not keep them cozy on their adventures with this Alpaca Knit Beanie and Mittens from The Little Market? That way they can look fashionable while staying warm in the great outdoors. Alpaca is known for being incredibly soft and warm.

TDD_Adventurer_01 It may seem a little obvious, but for a world traveler, some quality essentials for traveling would make the perfect gift! Check out this Weekender Bag from Parker Clay as well as their Passport Wallet. Both are designed with sustainable leather and made in Ethiopia and your purchase helps create economic and social empowerment.

Or – help them look stylish while they travel! This Geo Jogger pants from Punjammies is both fashionable and comfortable for a long flight or road trip. Wouldn’t you just love to curl up in those? I am also in love with these Tasseled Bracelets from Noonday Collection (which I own, and wear regularly) that tell a beautiful story. Created from old artillery shells, they turned something that was once ugly into something of beauty.

TDD_Adventurer_02 Adventurers are often inspired by their travels. Give them a place to record all their memories in the making with this Cotton Travel Journal from Raven and Lily. Last but not least, some art work, like this “Every Great Journey” print from Sseko Designs, will help keep them inspired while they are at home or in the office.

Hope this helped you on your shopping today. Tomorrow is my last one of the series with gift ideas for the Hostess! Don’t forget to browse all my gift guides and to make your purchases matter this holiday season.


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