Creating Your Dream Closet (Part 5)

Friends!!! EEK! This is it – the last step to Creating Your Dream Closet! I am so proud of you who have not only been following along, but have been putting these tips to practice. It can be a daunting task to start, but by taking it one step at a time – doing the hard work of purging, organizing, and prioritizing what you need – it is so rewarding. And you are almost there!

Now comes the fun part: shopping! (Insert a WOOHOO right here.) Whether you have an entire closet to fill, or you are looking for just a few pieces to fill the gaps, I’m here to guide you through the process.


Do your research.

Given a little research, I’m convinced that you can enjoy this part regret free. Since you have done the hard part of figuring out your own personal style, and then creating a shopping list based on the pieces you need to add to your existing wardrobe, you should feel a lot more organized and focused during your shopping. Before heading to the malls, though, I like to do a little online browsing first. That way I know how much a blazer, for example, is likely to cost me before I see the price tag in stores. This helps me determine if I am getting a reasonable deal so I can make a confident choice on whether it is the right item to purchase or not.

Set a budget.

It is so easy to go overboard on spending when you are putting together your dream wardrobe. Set a strict budget for yourself within your means, and maybe bring along the cash so you don’t go overboard. This one is important to me. My husband loves to treat me to a little shopping trip here and there, but he has learned that I consistently forget to calculate the tax. By giving me cash, (instead of just stating, “go spend $50”) it forces me to stick to that number.

Purchase in stages.

There is no rule that says you have to build your wardrobe in one day, or even a week. If you’re like me, you may only have the budget to buy a couple clothing items a month. That is completely okay! Take your time and have fun with it! Rome wasn’t built in a day…your wardrobe shouldn’t be either.

When to splurge.

As I mentioned before, the classic and timeless pieces are the items that I am more willing to spend more money on because they are the items that are going to be getting the most use and abuse. They are the building blocks to most other outfits. Splurging on the jeans with the perfect fit, or the little black dress of your dreams is completely acceptable (given it fits within your budget).

When to save.

There are times when I simply don’t have the budget to splurge, no matter how perfect the find. For example, when I was at the beginning of my “get healthy” journey and losing weight, I quickly got to the point that my jeans did not fit. Although I consider jeans essential to my wardrobe, I didn’t have money for a high quality pair and also knew I was planning on losing more weight. That would not be the time to drop a lot of money on a pair of jeans. Instead, I found a reliable brand on sale for $40 (and bought only one) to last me for a couple months.

But budget or no budget – I would always advice to shop a little thriftier when it comes to trendy pieces or special occasion. Although those sequin leggings are fabulous, you may not get a whole lot of use for them besides holidays and the occasional party.

If you don’t LOVE it, don’t buy it.

When you are trying to fill the voids in your closet it is easy to see that something crosses off your checklist and add it to the cart. Pause a moment. Remember that list of questions you asked yourself while you were cleaning out your closet? You need to make sure those apply to your shopping too. Does it fit you well or will you need to alter it? Does it compliment your body style? Do you truly love it? What can you pair it with in your current closet? You should be able to put together three separate outfits with each item you purchase in order for it to be worth the cost.


There is no point in building a wardrobe that you don’t truly love because you will just find yourself starting this process all over again in a couple months. Instead, let’s make some intentional purchasing. That way, you have an evolving closet full of pieces and looks you can build upon and that truly reflect you! That’s kind of the whole point anyway, don’t you think?

Well friends, that wraps up this series on Creating Your Dream Closet…and I would love to hear your feedback! Did my tips help you with what you were hoping to accomplish? Or were you hoping for some more clarification in areas? For someone who loves fashion, this might be just the thing that sparked you engine. But if you are struggling to create that ideal wardrobe – please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help! I would love to help you discover a look that reflects the best version of you. So please – leave me a comment, or drop me a line to say hello.


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