Creating Your Dream Closet (Part 4)

Have you enjoyed this series so far? I sure hope so. It has taken a little longer than planned, but I have worked hard to bring you my best, so I’m glad you’re sticking with me. If you are just now coming up to speed…you can head back HERE for the first post and follow the links to catch up!

We are so close to Creating Your Dream Closet! And no, that doesn’t mean you will have your dream Pinterest closet (every girl’s dream)…but you will get a closet that shows off YOU as your best version of yourself.

Today we are going to focus on making a shopping list! Now, maybe you’re thinking…

Giiiiiiirl, I don’t have the MONEY to buy my dream wardrobe!

Neither do I! Your wardrobe won’t happen over night…or, at least it won’t for most of us. When I build my shopping list, it is important for me to also prioritize it. Since most of us (i.e. real people) don’t have the funds to go buy everything in one stop, we have to do it in stages.


What are the Must-Haves?

What are the must-haves for every wardrobe? It will vary a bit from person to person, but it consists of the classic pieces that you need for layering OR timeless pieces that you can build off of. I think a good place to start, would be taking a look at what you spend your time doing, and how you dress when you do so. For example, a business woman working downtown would have very different “essentials” than the stay at home mom who volunteers at her school every week (can you guess which one of the two categories I fall into?). So instead of making a list of “basics” for every closet…I’m going to help you build your own.

What is your Lifestyle?

So take a look at your schedule. Where are you spending a majority of your time. At the office? At the beach? At the gym? Around the house? What articles of clothing are essential for that part of your life?

For me, as stay at home mom, this would include that perfect fitting jean, slouchy tees for layering, stylish flats, and a blazer that you can dress up or down. These are great building points for the rest of my wardrobe. These are the pieces I am normally willing to spend a little more money on because I need them to hold up to a lot of use and abuse and I know they are classics that will be around season after season.

Now…most of us “wear many hats”, so to speak. So it might help to list each job or activity you are involved with and break down the bare essentials for each of those areas of your life.

This Divas Essentials

What is your Environment?

Depending on where you live, weather may play a huge factor into our wardrobe selection. If you love in a consistently warm climate, for example, you would look for lighter fabrics for layering and keeping cool. Button up blouses and flow maxi’s would be your friend, along with kimonos and sandals. On the contrast, cooler climates, or areas with intense winters, would need to include lots of layers for warmth and would be on the lookout for luxurious sweaters, leather jackets, blanket scarves, and leg warmers.

Let Your Personality Shine!

Now that you have all your basics listed for every part of your life, you may be feeling a bit unenthused. Maybe it’s just me, but shopping for basics isn’t always fun. Sometimes it can be very frustrating and overwhelming to find those perfect pieces to build off of. So now it’s time to have a bit of fun.

Glancing at your Pinsperation that you put together with my last “lesson”…remind yourself what it is you are wanting to reflect to those around you. If you are wanting to let a more professional image shine through, for example, you could list some polished pieces to your wardrobe (like a classic pair of pumps or a fitted blazer). If you are wanting to let go and have more fun with your personal style, you might want to add in more bold colors or experiment with mixing prints. Maybe you love your current style you just want to spice things up a bit – accessories are the perfect way to switch up your look with little effort. A statement necklace, a hat, and an arm party – and you’ve got a whole new look!

YOU have complete control of what you want to portray about yourself in the way you dress.

Do you feel ready to tackle the last step? Do you have any questions before we wrap up this series? Please, ask away! I am here to help, so if there is something I missed, or something you would like to add – please do so! And if you are ready, head on over to PART 5!




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