Creating Your Dream Closet (Part 2)

So you did it. You cleaned out your closet. Bravo, friend! Doesn’t that feel good? I don’t know about you, but I had a smile on my face this morning when I walked into my freshly cleaned out closet and saw a little open space.


Okay…maybe it’s not THAT open. It looks kind of…chaotic, right? That only means one thing – it’s time for step two!

Creating Your Dream Closet Part2

The key to Creating Your Dream Closet is organization. You’ll never know what you need to make that ideal wardrobe if you don’t organize and take a look at what you already have. (Remember, how we talked about shopping my closet? I want you to master that particular skill set too!)

Now, I know everyone organizes their closet a little differently, but…since this IS my blog, I’m going to share what works for me. (Shocking, right?)

Designated Spots

In my closet, the bottom rack is for my “basics”: tshirts, hoodies, cami’s…the things I normally layer with something else because they are too boring to wear on their own. The top rack is for everything else, all the way from my blouses, to my dresses.

Organize by Style and Color

Within those designated spots, I then organize by style and color so that I know exactly where to find what I am looking for. On my bottom rack (the “basics”) I have my cami’s, tanks, tshirts, long sleeved, and then hoodies/sweatshirts. My top rack is made up of my nicer tops and organized very similar, from sleeveless to sweaters. From there, I organize each category by the colors of the rainbow.


My husband would tell you its totally overkill, but it helps organize my mind as I’m getting dressed each morning. When you know where to find everything, it decreases the chance you will forget about that favorite top in the middle of your closet or spend an entire morning digging through each hanger to find it.


Side note – I also may be a little crazy about all the hangers being in the same direction, and thankfully I have a husband who gets me in that way. My dad used to tease me and come in my room and flip the hangers just to mess with me and laaaauuuugh as I stopped down the stairs yelling at him! Hahaha oh good memories.

A Few Tips

As you organize (in your own way, it doesn’t have to be my way or the highway), it’s important to pay attention to what is remaining in your closet. Take mental note on repeating colors or patterns as well as essentials that may be lacking. This will help you as we continue to step 3.

Another thing that really helped me was to switch out all the hangers to be the same color. Before I had an array of colors and it made it very tricky to peek into my closet and find what I was looking for. By switching all my hangers to white (and a couple clear sturdy ones), it helped me to see the clothing for what they are without my eye being tricked by the hanger color.


Or maybe that doesn’t make sense to you and I’m just going a little crazy. It’s a possibility.

So are you still hanging with me (haha) or are you getting to know me a little too much through my crazy closet organization? If you are cleaning right along with me, I would love to hear what is working for you and what is not! Drop me a line in the comments below, as well as any organizing tips you have to share with the rest of us. My way is just one way. Everyone does this a little differently and I’m sure we could all learn something from each other here, so don’t shy away, I’d love you to chime in in! And then feel free to follow along to PART 3!



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