Color Block

It will probably come to no surprise to you that I love color. So that ongoing color block trend? Yeah, that’s right up my alley. And the more unusual a color pairing, the happier I am!

Now I know there’s nothing too unusual about pairing mustard and eggplant tones, but it is just screaming fall to me so I couldn’t resist showing you this spontaneous combo I pulled out of my closet.


As much as I would LOVE to go buy an entire new wardrobe each season, that is just not realistic for our family (or most families) nor is it necessary. God has blessed our family richly and I don’t want to waste that buy investing in frivolous things. I would rather invest in people and causes close to our heart. That’s not to say I don’t buy clothes (obviously). In fact, pretty things are a weakness for this fashionista. My husband is constantly reigning me in and reminding me about the important things in life (something I love about him).

So the pieces I do invest in, I try to pick out wisely. I try to choose classic pieces that will stand the test of time – both in quality and style. And I try to choose versatile pieces that I can wear many different ways (and things that I can pair with clothes that already exist in my closet rather than what I WISH existed in my closet).

For most I would say this is a learned skill. It did not come easily at first and I still make mistakes. Sometimes I bring home something I thought I really “needed” and it turns out I only wear it a couple times. But it’s part of the learning process.


So yes, this outfit is an example of mixing something new with something old. This skirt I picked up online – it was a great deal and another blogger had highly recommended it for comfort AND style. That eggplant tone can be mixed and matched with so much I felt it would be a good fit for my closet. And I turned out to be correct! I wear this skirt SO OFTEN and with SO MANY THINGS! I’m sure you’ll see many examples of that in the future, but for today, this is all I’ve got.

Now this top – OLD!!! Like…bought it long before Cocoa came home old?? And yet it’s more of a classic shape so it has stuck around. The color is very fall-ish but the short, almost non-existent sleeve makes it perfectly suitable for warmer seasons as well. I wear this baby a LOT!


Shop This Look:

Mustard Cowl Neck Top: OLD from Banana Republic OutletSimilar
Eggplant Ribbon Skirt: Nest Boutique HERE GREAT DEAL!!!
Camel Belt: Francesca’s (last year)
Rope Heels: Charolette Russe (VERY old) Similar
Beaded Earrings: Francesca’s (OLD) but similar styles found HERE and HERE
Bracelets: Francesca’s clearance

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