California Girl

Basic black layers to keep you looking California chic this summer.

The other night I came in from snagging the mail shivering and my husband looked at me confused. “I know we’re officially Californians now,” I said, “But it is REALLY cold out there!”

“Do I even want to know what the actual temperature is?” He asked. I pulled up the weather app on my iPhone and burst out laughing as I told him it was 73 degrees!

I think it’s safe to say I’ve acclimated to the weather quite well. When people first meet me they always ask if that’s where I’m from. I don’t know if it’s my love for fashion or the fact that I’m always freezing or something else entirely…but somehow everyone [myself included] has always thought I was a California girl at heart. All I can say is, thank goodness 73 degrees feels cool to me now or I would never survive the summer, in which temps have spiked all the way to 108 so far.

Everyone will tell you that the key in dressing here is…layers, layers, layers!!! As soon as temps starting warming up, my hubby sent me to go buy some lightweight layers to add to my wardrobe [this may shock you, but I didn’t have much summer clothes]. My favorite that I came home with was this black dress and lace extender.

California chic in basic black layers

While the dress is certainly long enough to wear without the extender, I simply feel more comfortable with a little added length. Not to mention I love the texture that it brings to the otherwise basic black. Without the extender, I tend to wear the dress as a top and pair it with jeans. Which I did here for two reasons… One, it was 73 and and the wind was giving me goosebumps. Two, the torn jeans add extra texture…and I love the way that looks in photos.

Layer basic black for a California chic look

California chic in basic black layers

Basic black layers for summer

As the evening wore on and the sun began to set, the shivering set in. This trusty sweater has lasted me season to season and I find so many uses for it. I’m sure we all have one clothing item like that, right?

Use basic black layers for an effortless, chic look!

California Girl // This Domesticated Diva

See? Even my kids are acclimating. We had to break out a blanket towards the end. …And all my PNW friends are grimacing saying, “you brat!” Don’t worry, I can take it. My mom might have said much worse when I called to tell her the same story.

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/ BLACK DRESS / Prim Boutique
/ LACE EXTENDER / Prim Boutique
/ DISTRESSED JEANS / Vici Collection
/ EARRINGS / Noonday Collection
/ LAYERED NECKLACE / Cost Plus World Market [Similar]
/ ARM PARTY / Cost Plus World Market [Similar] and Noonday Collection [Similar]
/ NAIL POLISH / Essie in Blanc
/ LIPSTICK / NYX Ombre Lip Duo in Poppy & Lilly

Photography by the talented Kaitlyn Rose Photography

This is not a sponsored post. This outfit was purchased and put together all on my own. I did, however, include an affiliate link…which simply means I may receive a small compensation if you purchase something off that link at no cost to you. I hope that’s okay!

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  • Trinity

    What a bold hair color!!! 🙂 You all look so fabulous and happy!! And I know exactly what’s like to feel cold even on a sunny day. Your outfit looks really good on you!

  • Haha love this! I’m from SoCal originally and laugh whenever I go back to visit family. But I do have to say, there really is something about the air that does feel colder there!

    Also, your family is adorable!