Bumpdate – 33 Weeks

33 weeks and 3rd trimester! Baby is the size of a pineapple and gaining about a half a pound a week, if that’s even possible!

It’s pretty clear that this kid is running out of room because every squirm and wriggle feels like a roller coaster from my end. But it’s fun that other people can feel even fairly slight movements now, instead of just the hard kicks and punches. 

This past week we have started No Stress Tests (NST) at the hospital twice a week. Due to my complications with my last pregnancy, I am technically considered high risk this time around and they need to monitor me closely for signs of complications sneaking back up again. With that being said, things have been going really well. Baby has been an over-achiever at every NST and even my hubby is jealous of my low blood pressure right now. But the highlight would be that I get to here this crazy kid’s heartbeat twice a week and get the reassurance that he or she is doing just fine!

Most days I feel like the hormones control me rather than me controlling the hormones. According to my husband, I have a very short fuse. Which isn’t so great with the kids (but thankfully they are very understanding and forgiving) but my husband finds it hilarious to watch me speak my mind to strangers when normally I would just let it slide. Of course, he always keeps me from crossing the line…and tells me when I have to zip it (usually taking the brunt of my glares). But of course, my dear friends…if I offend any one of you just know that its not totally my fault, ok?

This week I have gained as much weight as I gained my entire last pregnancy – so I think I can officially say this time around things are going a little better!

Bleh. Food. I was craving crackers and cheese…but given that I’m slightly lactose intolerant, I paid for that one. I can’t really say I’m CRAVING anything right now, more that I have no choice but to eat because I’m never not hungry. The only thing I crave is the healthy diet I had prior to pregnancy. I miss all my favorite foods that either make me feel miserable or taste horrible to me right now. I’m hoping that the moment this kid pops out that can somewhat go back to normal again. 

7 weeks feels so far away and yet, right around the corner! But life feels chaotic right now and I don’t even seem to have the time or energy to meal plan and keep up on chores let alone plan for baby. My to-do list remains mostly unfinished and I am so embarrassed at the state of my house that I don’t think I could even handle accepting the help of my friends, who keep offering to assist with the cleaning. But sooner or later this kid is making its appearance – ready or not!

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