Bumpdate – 31 weeks

31 weeks! We are in the 3rd trimester and counting down the days until we get to meet this little one! Baby is the size of a head of romaine?!? These baby sizes are always so weird to me.

We have settled on both a boy and girl name – yay! But they are still hush hush until we can match the name to the face. 

As baby as grown, the movements have become less jarring, but still constant it seems like. This baby seems to kick less than Hollywood did…but its constantly moving and squirming. Hopefully that means a smuggler! (Mama can hope, right?!?) 

Baby and I got an adjustment this weekend, a combination of Upper Cervical and Webster techniques. I almost immediately felt something release in my round ligaments that just made my belly take a sigh of relief. My hubby noticed that my belly changed shape and said I was noticeably walking better when we stopped at the farmer’s market on the way home. Baby always does a little happy dance in there after my adjustments. It helps make room in my pelvis and what babe wouldn’t like that?! Haha!

Well those of you on Facebook already got to hear about me surprising the desire to smother my husband with a pillow. What I probably didn’t tell you was just the night before I had a complete meltdown about…I’m not even sure what. But lets just say he feeds me and tells me I’m pretty without being asked. He’s a keeper. Well…if I can get him to stop snoring at least;) I also get almost daily reminders from my husband to chill and let him handle things like arguments with the kids. Apparently hormones make me a little whacky. And let’s not even get started on me when I’m prangry. (preggo + angry + hungry…my girls made it up when I must have freaked out about something at a bbq…its for REAL though haha!)

I think hitting the 3rd trimester was a pretty huge milestone for me! Even though that was a couple weeks ago… Excited to think that we will be meeting this little one in 9 short weeks (give or take). Exciting and terrifying (because this time I know just how much our life is going to change).

I stood on my own two feet and made a cajun-inspired pasta dish (THIS recipe from Pioneer Woman, minus the chicken because…well, I think this baby might be a vegetarian) which was another milestone now that I’m thinking about it. It’s normal for our whole family to love it. But considering the enormous size dish it makes, what is NOT normal is to have zero leftovers. I went back for seconds and thirds. And then after the kids went to bed fourths. I think I found my new craving. Other than that, I live off of granola and fruit. So be it.

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