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If you’ve been with me since our adoption journey, then you probably know plenty about Ordinary Hero. But for those of you who haven’t heard of them, let me enlighten you.

Ordinary Hero was founded by the inspiring Kelly Putty. What began as an outreach in her own backyard morphed into something bigger than I’m sure she could have ever imagined. God touched her heart and ultimately led her family to adoption. And if I know anything, it’s that adoption changes everything for your family. God has so many ways to grab a hold of your heart and shake up your perspective, and I know that our time in Ethiopia did that for us. Well Kelly also came back from Ethiopia with her spirit stirred, and thus Ordinary Hero was born.

So what IS Ordinary Hero??

Ordinary Hero is a nonprofit child advocacy organization. They are located right near Nashville, TN and they host community outreaches (like the Halloween outreach they recently had), give children and families sponsorships, and host multiple mission trips to Ethiopia each year. On top of that they have an affiliate program where they help adoptive families raise money for their adoptions by donating 40% of the proceeds of each item sold in their online store.



It was through this very program that we raised much of the money needed for our daughter’s adoption, and we are so very grateful for every person who contributed and made a purchase. They were each an integral part of our daughter’s story and God’s mission to bring hope to the hopeless.

Over the years I have purchased many items from their online store. I am not only pleased with the quality of the clothing, but with the conversation it tends to spark in complete strangers when I wear it. I guess that’s part of the draw to Purchase with a Purpose for me (you know, as if walking around with a trans-racial family didn’t spark ENOUGH conversation as it is…haha).





My personal favorites in the shop right now are the African Floral Heart shirt and the Blue Burnout tee. Those are totally on my Christmas wish list this year =) There are also some really good sales going on right now for cyber monday, including my hoodie and lounge pants pictured above, so be sure to check it out!

You can certainly be confident that each purchase from Ordinary Hero is going towards a good cause…but if you also have a heart for adoption, you can choose any affiliate’s name to support during the checkout process and 40% of the proceeds will go to support them in their fundraising for their adoption (or mission trip). And if you happen to need a suggestion for who to support (here goes the announcement part I teased you with) it just so happens that someone very close to me is fundraising through OH right now: my brother and his wife! That’s right, I’m going to be an auntie to another beautiful little Ethiopian! (Insert squeal!) We are so excited (and so surprised!) and ready to spread the word.


Now here’s the important part. If you want to do EVEN MORE to help awesome families (like my brother and his wife – HINT HINT!)…there just so happens to be a grant contest going on RIGHT NOW (yes, ON TOP of the cyber Monday madness)!!! The top selling affiliate this week (VANDERGIESSEN, LAURA) will win a $1000 grant ON TOP OF the 40% proceeds they receive from every sale. It’s a win-win y’all! If they don’t win the grant, they still get that 40%. If they DO….well you more than doubled your money!!!

And it’s not just the clothing and accessories. You can sponsor a child, purchase donkeys or sheep, even supply Bibles in their language to children in Ethiopia. I couldn’t think of a better Christmas gift. All these purchases go STRAIGHT to the kids AND help to get my little niece home. All you need to do is remember to select “VANDERGIESSEN, LAURA” as your affiliate during checkout!

So you think you can help us out? Please help us spread the news in any way you are able. If a purchase is just not in your budget right now, please share this post with your friends or family or your facebook peers. You have an opportunity to be a hero right this very moment.

Thank you friends!!!

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