4 Months

What a wild and crazy 4th month of life this has been for my little Marshmallow!

We discovered how “normal” pediatrician visits go…you know – when you aren’t freaking out about your preemie gaining weight or self-diagnosing his Thrush. Our little dude weighed in at 14lb, 4oz! He is blowing us all away with his amazing weight gain and adorable thigh rolls. I’ve never had such a chunky baby to love on!

Marshmallow started giving us tastes of the sweet life, by testing out a couple 8 and even 10 hour nights! It doesn’t make a dent on the sleep deprivation, but we’ll take what we can get!

This month, our little dude discovered his tongue! I mean…c’mon! How adorable is that?!?

We also had some great firsts…like Marshmallow’s first airplane ride! He honestly was a rockstar and slept for most of it. The trip itself was WAY overwhelming for him (my brother’s wedding…so lots of family that he was meeting for the first time), but I am so proud of how he kept on swimming.

We also had some not-so-great firsts this month. Like his first illness (well, unless you count Thrush). Big sister got sick after our flight home from the wedding (you can blame touching everything on the plane and nervously chewing her fingernails…gross) and spread it to the entire family. Just when we thought babes escaped it, we ended up in the ER (and ultimately a couple days in the hospital) with Croup.

Baby sounds coming from this kid are adorable! I love how his cry changes from “meh meh” when he’s hungry to “nigh nigh” when he’s tired. Dead serious.

This month we are definitely beginning to fall into a rhythm with naps and bedtime and I am so grateful for it. (Although I know I am going to miss the feeling of spending all day snuggling.) I find myself both excited at every new stage and terrified at how fast it’s all going. But it’s not exactly going to slow down now…

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